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How to Maximize Price

“Maximizing the price you receive for your business depends on your skill in enhancing true value in the minds of knowledgeable acquirers”

¨ Multiple Acquirers

              Generate multiple acquirers. Negotiating among multiple acquirers creates a competitive environment. Sequentially negotiating with acquirers is not a competitive environment. A process called the silent auction motivates buyers to pay more.

¨ Effective Marketing

              The price you receive will depend on how effectively you market your company. Key considerations include: 1) effective documentation, 2) approaching multiple buyers, 3)properly prepared forecasts, 4)skilled negotiating techniques.

¨ Add Backs/Adjustments

              Identify extraordinary expenses, owner salaries/bonuses and undervalued assets. Prepare adjusted statements to more accurately reflect profitability and asset values.

¨ Professional Assistance

              You may want to consider professional assistance. A skilled professional can ultimately save you time and money. The price you receive will depend on how effectively the market is approached.