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Buying a Company

“Successful acquirers combine financial, negotiating, legal and interpersonal skills to create successful conclusions”

Acquisition Strategy

Create a one-page acquisition strategy that defines industries of interest, minimum EBITDA requirements and geography.

Reason to Sell

Find out why the seller is interested in selling. Unless the owner has a valid reason such as age, health, family, etc., you may be wasting valuable time with an insincere seller.


What is the asking price? Thoughtful acquirers do not waste time on overpriced transactions. Valuable time and money can be wasted with sellers who have an unrealistic price expectation

Letters of Intent

Use brief, plain language letters of intent that state the business issues of the deal. Most acquirers prefer to make these documents non-binding except for a standstill period to finance and close the transaction.


Retain a lawyer who is “deal savvy.” Acquisitions can be easily lost with an attorney who looks for problems rather than solutions.





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